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On this website, these free Bible studies can be studied online

The goal of these Bible studies online is:

  1. To provide a better understanding of the Bible. Explanation of the Bible.
  2. What does it mean to be a Christian? You have accepted Jesus Christ, now how to continue?
  3. What does the spiritual life of a Christian mean?
  4. To grow from milk to solid food (Hebrews 5:12-14). God Himself says in Hosea 4:6 that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
  5. What does mean "Living under control of the Holy Spirit"? A manual for the believer.
  6. When is the Rapture of the Church? When does Jesus Christ return to take up the believers into Heaven?
  7. For the youth and their parents: Christian sexual education.

The Bible study serves to grow in knowledge of God's Word. The Holy Spirit is given to the believer to understand the Bible and to be able to fulfill God's Will and commandments.
An overview of the Bible study gratis: Genesis, Nehemiah, Matthew, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Timothy, Revelation, verse by verse.
Biblical topics and themes: You accepted Jesus, what now? Born again; Coming of Christ; What is the meaning of Easter and Pentecost? FAQ; the Gospel; Heaven; How do I read the Bible? Israel; Prayers; Rapture of the Church; Christian spiritual life; Giving of Tithe; Time calculations; Christian sexual education.

Board members

Wilfred and familyEducation
MTS aircraft technician
HTS Electronica and Informatica
Evangelical Bible school
Worked in
The Netherlands
Photo of Fernando and Samara
Fernado and Samara Fernandes
Photo of Aryana
Aryana and family

Wilfred has followed the 3-years education at the Evangelical Bible school in Doorn, the Netherlands.
In 2001 Wilfred assisted in building a house (9 x 11 m) in Betim (Brazil).
In 2006 he got married to Priscila Ramos (Brazilian). In September 2006 Wilfred moved to Betim (Brazil) and in oktober 2006 Wilfred and Priscila opened the evangelical bookstore located at Avenida Amazonas 178 in the center of Betim. That we had to close in 2010.
In August 2007 their son Edward Starrenburg was born in Belo Horizonte.
In February 2012 their son Edgar Starrenburg was born in Betim.
In 2014 moved to Natal /Parnamirim in the Northeast of Brazil. Where we concentrated ourselves on our website, social work, possible a church. Plans are to animate Revelation in 8K quality.

Supervisory Board

Photo of Maria DayanaPhoto of TonyPhoto of TatyanePhoto of Renata
Maria Dayana (Student the fono-audiology)Tony (Analyst the Tests of Software)Tatyane (Technician)Renata (Teacher)


The author of the Bible studies is Wilfred René Starrenburg. First he followed a technical aircraft training (ground engineer) and graduated from the HTS computer science (bachelor degree). Worked in Iran, Sweden, Ireland, England and the Netherlands. He worked for 13 years as a technical writer on the Fokker 28, Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 manuals. The manuals contain the instructions for the removal, installation and testing of aircraft parts. The written text was first tested in practice for publication. He assisted in the development and conversion to SGML. HTML 1 was a simple version of SGML. After the bankruptcy of Fokker, worked at various software companies. He has followed an internal three-year course at the Evangelical Bible School in the Netherlands. Born in The Hague on 27 February 1952, married to a Brazilian woman and the two children were born in Belo Horizonte and Betim. Currently living in Parnamirim - RN, Brazil.


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